Hiring the Right People

Hiring the Right People

When it comes to hiring, you want to make sure you are looking in the right places for candidates that will fit with your company’s culture and fit with your current employees. Some managers make the mistake of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring candidates on their own. If you want a good fit with your company, why not utilize your team in the hiring process as well. Each team member can be an asset in the process, as each team member will be looking at different characteristics of a person to see if he/she can fulfill the job role. Beyond utilizing your team, there are a few key factors that may help in hiring the right people for your company.

Finding the Right People

Before you can hire the right people, you need to find them. In order to do this, it’s important to be specific in where you are advertising for the position. Depending on what you’re looking for, advertising in smaller, more specific communities might be a good strategy. For example, if you’re looking specifically for technology engineers who are up-and-coming, try joining a blog or community online that these types of candidates will already be a part of.

Social media is also a key element for the younger generation. This doesn’t mean just Facebook. It includes the blogs mentioned, podcasts, or even joining in on message boards. If you’re a startup looking for a specific type of employee, you’ll want to take some time to become a part of these communities online to catch the attention of your desired candidate. If you’re out there in these communities, word of mouth and reputation for your company will also interest potential candidates to want to join you.

Asking the Right Questions

During the interview process, it’s important to ask the right questions. Here, again, is a great place to utilize your existing team to help with these questions. You and your team should decide together if someone is going to be a good fit for your company’s vision and the company culture.

Here are some example questions that can help you discover if a candidate will fit with the company’s culture: What management style works best for you? Do you think it’s important to have a balance with your work life and your home life? What schedule do you like to work in?

If you receive answers that don’t seem to align with how your company operates, if might help you and your team to really see if this person is a good fit. It’s important to ask these questions because you want someone who will be happy with the culture you’ve built as well. “A meta-analysis of 172 separate studies found that employees who fit well within a company’s culture lasted longer, performed better, and had higher job satisfaction.”

Making the Decision

Ultimately, it does come down to what you decide, but listening to what your team thinks will help you make the best decision. Sometimes we tend to hire people that we relate well with and see similar strengths in. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, but your company may benefit from someone who possesses strengths in areas where you may be weaker. Now you have someone who can bring up the slack and help progress your company in areas that were lacking. By having your team help with the hiring process, they will likely be able to pinpoint these strengths that are desired in their area of expertise.

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