Applying Principles of Diwali to Business

Applying Principles of Diwali to Business
Applying Principles of Diwali to Business

I want to wish a Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating today. For those of you that aren’t, Diwali is a “Festival of Lights” celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists around the world. Customs include magnificent firework displays, decorating one’s home with candles and colorful lights, as well as eating delicious home-cooked food. These traditions are meant to signify the triumph of good over evil, righteousness over treachery, truth over falsehood, and light over darkness.

Diwali marks the start of a new year in business too. For example, entrepreneurs in India start new financial ledgers this time of year. A comprehensive office scrubbing is also common, a practice which is intended to “let the light in,” symbolizing “a fresh start.” However, this large scale reset of our businesses is not confined to tangible elements.

Sometimes rebooting in the toxic intangible areas is even more important. Relinquishing grudges, letting anger go and forgiving sin are a few that come to mind. I promise, doing so will eliminate the fog that clouds our ability to think clearly and facilitate a “mental housekeeping,” which will improve office culture, purpose, foundation, goals, and relationships.

Here are some ways to apply principles of Diwali to business:

Think about the culture and environment you set out to create
Where do you currently stand? Have you wavered from your principles? If so, what actions can you take to get back on track?

Reflect on your interactions with customers, employees, vendors, and investors
Were there times that you lost your temper? Acted out in a annoyed and immature fashion? How did this impact the situation? What proactive steps are you taking to ensure these episodes occur less frequently?

Reassess your attitude
Have you been generous or selfish? Are you approaching business with a “what can you do for me” attitude, or a “what can I do for you” mentality?  Remember that the universe is abundant. The more you give, the MORE you will get! Entrepreneurs who give more aren’t just happier — they are more successful people!!

If I can leave you with one last thought, it is this; the considerations above should not be visited annually. Personal development is a process that is best undertaken with persistence. We should be asking ourselves these difficult questions on a regular basis. With this consistency in striving to improve, I should hope that at this time next year, we will all be in a better place both personally and professionally.

Again, wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali!!

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