Benefits of Outsourcing


As I’ve discussed in my previous emails, business owners often don’t predict the full cost of hiring for financial roles, have trouble knowing when their workload justifies internal hires, and don’t anticipate the fact that once they’ve created a role internally they will likely have to pay to rehire it three times. Often, outsourcing the role can be the answer for efficiently growing your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Hiring internally is expensive, time-consuming and often difficult.
  • Access to skilled resources
  • Faster and better service
  • Save on infrastructure and technology

Financial hires can be especially tough, if you haven’t considered using a part-time CFO, or getting interim accounting and tax work done, it’s something I would strongly recommend you look into.

Hiring for financial roles can often be harder on founders as the skill set is often something they do not have first hand experience with. You can save up to 80% by engaging with a part-time CFO, and both the cost efficiency and the advantages that come with being supported by experts make outsourcing a valuable option.  At Nomad, we have a rigorous interview process as well as a management team with decades of startup and general finance backgrounds. We remove the friction of hiring and provide professional services at a fraction of the price and time.

If you have any questions about the content we’ve provided in this email, or about Nomad Financial in general, feel free to reach out. I would love to jump on the phone for a half hour and chat about these roles and the best way to staff them, what we can do to help you with the key tasks that are being left undone while you’re trying to get through the hiring process.

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